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We have classes for every age group, including Teens, School children, Toddlers and Babies.

Review the descriptions below to select the class that will best suit your Lil' Yogi. 

Check the Class Schedule to see this month's regular classes and specials.

Caregiver & Me

Ages 0-4 Years.  9-10 am

This class is for the littles ones in your life and offers opportunities between moms, dads, grandparents, and anyone who wants to bond in a Yogic way.  

Toddler Yoga

Ages 3-5. Yoga with fun music, stories, games & more.  A great class to let out energy while calming, relaxing, re-centering and teaching mindfulness.

Childrens Yoga

Ages 5-8.  Active Yoga, energizing music, games and teamwork.  Boosts strength, self confidence and flexibility and supports other athletic endeavors.  Balanced with calm and mindful moments.

Tween Yoga

Ages 9-12.  Coming in the fall, a program designed just for tweens.  Teaches meditation and mindfulness with active moments to support athletic endeavors.

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